My Real Home

If you're on the right road on the right mountain you might be able to see me through the trees hunkered down between some cherry trees, some spruce and some pine and a few others. The layed back lifestyle of living in the woods in the mountains appeals to me very much no matter what time of year. I don't live out here all the time, although given the chance, I would. I do have a house in a small town but I prefer the beauty of the mountains and the forest. I've had less problems with wild life than I have with civilized people. The peacefulness one can find out here doesn't cause them to take long to enjoy it. Many ask, isn't it hard roughing it? I ask, roughing what? No city traffic out here, no loud noises unless you hear a crack of thunder during a good rain. I have water, electricity, a shower and a full kitchen. Oh, yes and I do have a private out house. The bed in the tent is more comfortable than what you find in most people's houses. It's a double thick, queen size inflatable bed. When you crawl into it molds to the contours of your body and I'm usually asleep inside of 5 or 10 minutes. The bullfrogs in the marsh sing me to sleep each night. :)