Winter Camping

Ahhh, that time of year when there are no bugs! No pesky misquito buzzing around in your tent at 3:00 am while you fumble around for something in the dark to disable the annoying little devil.

The key here is a low profile tent. I probably don't need to mention it but don't put a gas light on your distribution post in this kind of tent unless you don't want your tent any longer. :)
My tent is only 4 feet high in the middle. Why? I don't like paying the gas company more than I have to. :) I did this in 20 degree weather with an 8,000 BTU catalytic heater running on low and the tent was a balmy 75 at about half way height in the tent. At bunk level it was about 60 which is nice for sleeping in a sleeping bag. The tarp over the tent is longer than the tent so it extends out the front a ways and simply ties to the trees. When the weather gets nasty I simply put a smaller tarp (8 x 5) over the opening and my side kick (dog) sleeps in there. The door on the tent I leave open with the screen closed for ventilation. Very important when running a heater inside the tent so you don't become asphyxiated.

Winter Tent
Winter Camping
Winter Camping 2
Winter Camping 3
Winter Camping 4
Winter Camping 5

Under the tarp I set up a stove and grill sometimes and can cook in there. Can even bathe in there if necessary just by lighting a second heater. You can't stand up in there, hence the bucket you see in the tent with a bath towel on it for comfort. I have a generator stashed in the trees for electricty and as you can see electric lights in the tent. There's even a drip coffee maker in there and a laptop on the bench to the right. And yes, I do have internet, it's as simple as tethering to the cell phone. The tarp has a two fold purpose, mostly to keep the heat in but the other purpose is, well, you know how a light inside a tent reveals more than you want to those outside the tent? You get the idea. :)